Editing & proofreading

Lightbulb on tableAs a copy editor (sub-editor), I improve everything from news and features to websites and books, using line-by-line corrections for factual errors, typos and grammar issues. I help make copy sleeker, sharper and more effective.

As a developmental editor I help folk improve their writing, suggesting ways in which work could be tighter, more substantial or more suited to the audience/target publication. Developmental editing is more than copy editing – it’s more structural and in-depth.

Points make prizes: I’m NCTJ-qualified in sub-editing

Editorial management: see my work here


Substantial on-job experience as the final pair of eyes and sign-off for polished copy, marketing, news, features and books. I work on-screen and on paper (using BSI proofreading marks). I’ve created and implemented style guides for firms publishing content across audiences and continents, including providing a final call on grammar, punctuation, typographical formatting and consistency.

Breadth: Proofreading legal directories for Chambers & Partners, web content for SixDegreesFilm.com and quick-fire text responses for Ask Any Question (an SMS Q&A service).

Scale: Largest single title: The Push Guide to Which University (around 800 pages). Largest body of work: FitPro’s suite of magazines and websites aimed at fitness fans and professionals.