I made this

Hand holding the sunReading to a soundtrack

I produced one of the winning entries in the 2014 Booktrack Halloween flash fiction competition. Booktrack features full-length fiction and non-fiction as well as short stories and everything inbetween, but has authors and creators add a musical or sfx soundtrack. The contest rules were to write a flash fiction story in less than 1,000 words.

You can read/listen to my winning entry here.

Killer audio

In 2013 Six to Start, the makers of the Zombies, Run! immersive running app, held a global fan competition. As an avid user of the app when it was first released I entered an audio script/production, which went on to win second place. As well as writing the script I recorded the narrative and sourced some interesting sound effects.

You can see the competition archive here.

Vibrant visuals: videos

How to make a budget

I made this video using PowToon as a way to demonstrate money management skills to students, and to create awareness of/engagement with the Student Moneymanual magazine. I used metadata to ensure the video was discoverable on YouTube.

The Owl & the Pussycat, by Edward Lear

Watch it on YouTube
A quick animation to illustrate one of my favourite children’s stories. Illustrated and narrated by me.

Book promo: Colouring Zoo

Watch it on YouTube
A short, fun video to promote a children’s colouring story book.

Who makes that noise?

Watch it on YouTube
A bedtime story to accompany the children’s picture book of the same name – illustrated and narrated by me.

I Don’t Want to be Be a Ballerina

Watch it on YouTube
A story promoting diversity through children’s literature, independent/creative thinking and reversal of gender stereotypes among girls. All illustrations and narration by me.